Universal toilet seat cover blxcknorway™

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Universal Toilet Seat Cover. Check The Details To Know More

Premium Plush Material - When you sit on it, it feels softer. Waterproof and long-lasting PU material on the back. It's appropriate for every season, but especially in the winter (Warmer)
Easy to Clean - Our toilet seats are simple to clean and maybe washed by hand. It's possible to dry it out and use it again in a cleaner environment

Installation is Simple - There are only three steps to completing the installation. The toilet seat cushion is adaptable and can fit most toilet seats (U type, O type, V type).

We are dedicated to providing high-quality toilet seat coverings. which is appropriate for the majority of toilet seats The toilet seat should be less than or equal to 17 inches in length! Otherwise, it will be incompatible.
Universal toilet seat cover blxcknorway™

Universal toilet seat cover blxcknorway™