4-Cup nonstick egg frying pan blacknorway™

This 4-Cup Nonstick Egg Frying Pan is a perfect way to cook a delicious meal for you and your family. It is made with superior quality aluminium alloy and is highly durable for long-term use.
It comes with different holes so that you can cook several foods simultaneously without wasting your time and energy. There is no need to worry about the mixing of food as the compartments are quite deep and separate from each other.
This pan is coated with a nonstick medical stone that makes it super easy to clean and cook. It also allows your food to cook faster in less time and saves a lot of your time.
This nonstick pan provides great heat retention and it distributes the heat evenly. The handle of this pain is made with wood that protects your hands from getting burned. It also provides a perfect gripwhile you are using cooking a meal.