USB blanket wearable heating shawl blxck norway™

The local peak temperature may reach up to 55 degrees Celsius but don't worry if you have our USB blanket wearable heating shawl, it is created from silky plush fabric, and the heater is built of high-grade carbon fibre. After being put into the USB port, the carbon fibre heating element immediately reaches a temperature of 131 degrees Fahrenheit due to its high thermal conductivity.
The high, medium and low temperatures on our USB USB blanket wearable heating shawl are 131 degrees Fahrenheit, 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and 113 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. The USB blanket wearable heating shawl has three different timing settings: sixty minutes, ninety minutes, and one hundred and twenty minutes.
Because our USB blanket wearable heating shawl wrap can be connected to any 5V USB port, such as a charger, power bank, car USB charging, and computer, you can always feel warm with it, regardless of whether you are at home, in the workplace, wandering outdoors, or camping.
The USB heating blanket consists of a plush, cuddly blanket that encases a heating pad inside of it. Our USB blanket wearable heating shawl may be utilised in various ways, including covering the knee, wrapping the waist, draping over the shoulders, heating, and serving as a seat cushion. The heating component has been upgraded to be far thicker than what competing firms offer.
The dimensions of Our USB blanket wearable heating shawl are 120 centimetres in length and 80 centimetres in width, or 47.24 inches by 31.5 inches. The surface is made of a material that is kind on the skin and is fluffy, soft, and pliable. The Plush Throw Blanket may be cleaned in the washing machine. It is the ideal present to give to those you care about on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays.
  • ✔️Serving as a seat cushion
  • ✔️Utilised in various ways
  • ✔️3 different timing settings
  • ✔️Power supply mode: USB
  • ✔️Colour: Black
  • ✔️Material: carbon fibre
  • ✔️Size: about 120x80cm/47.24*31.5in
  • ✔️Packing list: 1* USB heating shawl