Baby Breastfeed Milk Wearable Pump Extractor

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A Mama Must Have

  Make sure your baby always has fresh milk while still allowing you to move around Freely and Comfortably.

Our Wearable Breast Pump was made for every mother in mind. Designed to help pump fresh milk without spending Hours by an outlet each day sitting and pumping. Pump anywhere and free up precious time! 

Move Freely and Finish your daily tasks without having to set aside hours each day to pump.

Made for every Mother in Mind, the pump is: 
  • Skin-friendly, BPA Free, & Odorless: The pump is made from high-quality soft- silicon ensuring both your baby's safety and still being comfortable enough to wear freely without discomfort.
  • Built with 5 Different Levels of Speed & Sensitivity: Our pump will help ensure that every mother can find their perfect pace and rhythm. Allowing any mother to use the pump without any pain or discomfort and still help produce more milk in a shorter period of time.

  • Portable & Lightweight: Allowing you to easily bring the pump anywhere. You can easily fit it in your diaper bag, purse, book bag and can be charged almost anywhere. Perfect to take on the go. 
  • Silent: The pump makes little to no noise so it won't bother you or your baby
  • Easy to Clean & Sterilize: once the session is over, take the pump apart and place the silicon parts in a steam sterilizer, boil, or place it in your dishwasher. 

Move around Freely and pump Without fear of Spillage

Designed to keep a strong suction during the session to help avoid and prevent milk spillage.
Simply align the pump to your breast, turn it on, and the pump creates a seal maintaining suction avoiding/reducing spillage. Once you place it comfortably in the bra it requires no extra intervention. Allowing you to spend quality time with your baby, finish any work, or even just sit back and relax. 
No matter if you're a soon-to-be mother or a veteran mom you’ll love the freedom you'll get using our wearable pump. Free up time from your day and still get the job done!
Baby Breastfeed Milk Wearable Pump Extractor

Baby Breastfeed Milk Wearable Pump Extractor