Polarized Classic Cool Retro Sun Glasses BLXCK NORWAY™

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Polarized Classic Cool Retro Sun Glasses. Check to Know More

Clearer and More Comfortable - Polarized lenses are used in half-frame sunglasses to allow genuine color perception by minimizing glare. Polarized sunglasses with a UV400 coating offer at least 99.9% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. The sunglasses provide maximum protection from the sun's damaging rays, allowing you to spend time in the sun without fear of retina damage, which is especially important if you're hiking, driving, fishing, or engaging in other outdoor activities.

Casual Vintage Design - The retro sunglasses modernize the look while keeping the reflective components. The corner piece nicely portrays the nostalgic feel of 1980s eyewear. Half-rimless sunglasses are a timeless style that complements almost any facial shape.

Staying Young and Never Tired of Wearing - These polarised sunglasses make you look younger, especially around your eyes and on your face's skin. The half-rim sunglasses include an ultralight frame and non-slip silicone nose pads.

Suitable for Most Face Shapes - People with oblong faces, oval faces, square faces, or triangle faces should wear browline sunglasses. Fashion sunglasses for women are very useful for balancing the proportions of oblong face shapes.

Wearing semi-rimless sunglasses might help people with a triangular facial shape hide their prominent jawline.

Polarized Classic Cool Retro Sun Glasses BLXCK NORWAY™

Polarized Classic Cool Retro Sun Glasses BLXCK NORWAY™