Golf Swing Training aid Fan BLXCK NORWAY™

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Golf Swing Training aid Fan. Check the Details To Know More

This item is comprised of high-quality materials that provide a pleasant grip. It works on the theory of progressive air resistance, with a V-shaped wheel adding resistance as the swing speed increases. It can be used to strengthen your arms, wrists, and waist muscles. It uses four fans to provide wind resistance, which successfully increases the player's distance, improves the rhythm of the swing, and allows the player to feel the increase in power.

Develop muscle memory and strengthen core muscles (e.g., wrists, arms, and shoulders). Swing Follow-Through and Body Rotation are aided by rotation. The product can be used by both left and right-handed people.

Rubber grip for golf clubs that is anti-slip. Mounting screws are included. Air resistance is increased by using a "V" shaped wheel. With air deflecting holes to prevent skewing of the golf club. The principle of progressive air resistance is used. The stronger the resistance, the faster the swing. Improve your body rotation and muscle memory.

Wrists, arms, and waist should all be strengthened. Improving batting accuracy and golfing skills. For both professional and amateur golfers, this is a game of excellent golf practice aid. The length is 79cm/31inch in total. The blade measures 39.5cm/15.6inch in length. 32.5cm/12.8inch is the maximum width.

Package includes - 1Set *Golf Swing Trainer Fan

Golf Swing Training aid Fan BLXCK NORWAY™

Golf Swing Training aid Fan BLXCK NORWAY™