Digital vernier caliper blxck norway™

Digital Vernier Caliper. Check The Details To Know More

Multiple Measuring Methods - In addition to the four measurement types of internal, exterior, depth, and step length, the digital calipers also allow inch/mm/conversion. The zero setting function enables you to set zero and begin afresh measurement at any place on the scale, making it suitable for differential measuring and meeting your requirements.

Stainless Steel Construction - The vernier caliper is composed of hardened stainless steel and is waterproof and dirt-resistant. A grooved thumb roller and a precise position lock allow for delicate and smooth adjustment. It's ideal for a wide range of job settings.

Large LCD Screen - The caliper measuring equipment comes with a large LCD screen with a clear and high resolution that allows you to acquire precise results quickly and simply. Auto Shut Off lets you preserve battery power by shutting off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Wide Range of Applications - This digital LCD vernier caliper is simple to use, portable, light, and long-lasting. Measures up to 0-6"/150mm and is precise to 0.01mm. Precise measures that will always match your precision needs.

Widely used in the home, woodworking, jewelry, DIY measurement, and professional application, with exceptionally precise measurements, and relatively accessible to certain experts and hobbyists alike.