Kiddies Sunnies Staple Sunglasses

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Looking for Highly Durable Kids Polarized Sunglasses

Tired of your little guy always wearing sunglasses? I hope you have a pair that won't break, right?

When it comes to your children, we are sure that you always want the most suitable for them. Our excellent collection of KIDDIES SUNNIES STAPLE SUNGLASSES not only looks good but also protects your child's sensitive eyes from the Sun, allowing you to rest easy when you are out. Regular exposure to these UV rays can cause permanent damage, so it is important to avoid any damage as early as possible.

The material -  This pair of sunglasses is made of TR90 material.  Innovative Swiss technology has been used for it. It is an extremely durable, flexible, and lightweight thermoplastic material.

The flexibility - The sunglasses are strong and will not bend easily unless pressure or force is applied. Glasses made of TR90 material are very comfortable because of their flexibility. Due to the high flexibility, the glasses can bend under pressure and comfortably shape your face.

Safety & Fashion - The sunglasses provide full protection from UV400 rays of the Sun. This is safe to use for 2-7 years of age. The Ergonomic Comfort Design provides full comfort to the eyes of your loved ones. 

Kiddies Sunnies Staple Sunglasses

Kiddies Sunnies Staple Sunglasses