All Season Camping and Hiking Shower Backpack

Are you amongst the one who loves camping and want to enhance the experience? With this All Season Camping and Hiking Shower Backpack, you will always have a companion that only weighs 435 gms when filled completely.
This bag is made up of eco-friendly and leak-proof PVC material, which is completely safe for use. It also has a UV heat seal coating that will allow the water to get heated under 3 hour of direct sunlight exposure.
It also has a temperature indicator at the back of the shower bag that will help you know the water's accurate temperature. The showerhead is quite large, and you can easily control the shower's water flow and have a better experience. 
It has a mesh pocket in front of the bag, which you can use to keep small essential items such as face wash, soap, etc. This bag has a high load-bearing plastic holder that makes it easy to hold. You can unfold it anytime when not in use and put it in your luggage.