Wearable sleeping full body bag

There are literally thousands of uses for our wearable sleeping full-body bag from indoors to outside, stay toasty, cosy, and mobile on camping excursions, sleepovers, hiking, working from home, the road travels, RV, beach evenings, hammock, toasting marshmallows next to the fire pit, or simply sitting at home. This sleeping bag allows you to stroll or go outside without having to remove sleeping bag.
The humanoid sleeping bag's leg is built after the inverted anatomy of the human foot. The fingertip opening design allows the hand to take up the object more easily, the tiptoe can be opened, and the air can be pushed open when it becomes too hot. The leg may stroll and sleep in any position, the feet can be released, and there is no binding.
Provides optimum comfort and warmth, even in harsh situations, and a sleeping bag with a double zipper that can function both inside and outside is more practical and easy. Ultra-warm synthetic filling insulation with a water-repellent shield layer, as well as an insulated hood for extra warmth, keep you warm when on the run or resting.
Synthetic insulation that is ultra-warm is made up of small circular clusters of fiber that mirror the qualities of down clusters, keeping you warm on the run or while sleeping. This sleeping bag is easy to roll into the compression sack, making it ideal for travel or sleepovers; when dirty, wash it in a washing machine and dry flat.
The durable bag's air cotton filling and polyester lining make it soft, warm, comfy, and long-lasting. For temperatures ranging from -10°C to 10°C. Human-shaped sleeping bags cannot be as conforming as garments, and they will be more comfortable if they are loose. Sleeping bags can't be as gentle as garments, and they'll be more comfortable if they're a little slack. Individually packed, simple, and easy to use,
  • ✔️Toi tip zipper design
  • ✔️Soft loft air cotton filling
  • ✔️Soft, warm, comfy
  • ✔️Human-shaped sleeping bags
  • ✔️High-quality material
  • ✔️100% recycled materials
  • ✔️Warmth anywhere
  • ✔️Complete freedom
  • ✔️Wearable & cozy
  • ✔️Comfortable & durable
  • ✔️As warm as mother's lap
  • ✔️Easy to carry and maintain
  • ✔️Weatherproof design
  • ✔️Warmth anywhere