Men's cycling shorts 4D padded bike bibs tights bicycle blxcknorway™

Men's Cycling Shorts 4D Padded Bike Bibs Tights Bicycle. Check The Details To Know More

High Wicking Characteristics - The materials have good water diffusion and wicking properties. Due to its capillary action, it does not stick to the skin and provides cold, crisp wearing comfort. Furthermore, even when wet, the dry touch can be retained. THE BACK MESH CONSTRUCTION ASSISTS IN IMPROVING BREATHABILITY.

Ergonomic Coolmax Pad - crotch padding with a 3D anatomical and perforated layer design. Foam inserts with a high density absorb shock and decrease skin irritation. In comparison to a standard pad, the perforated layer design lowers the damp and uncomfortable feeling. On extended road rides of up to 8 hours, it keeps you dry and fresh.

Silicone Leg Grippers - Silicone leg grippers are friendly on the skin and keep worn from rolling up with muscle flex during cycling.

Multi-Functions - Cycling bib shorts are ideal for cyclists who enjoy cycling, bicycling, riding, road bikes, spinning, mountain bikes, indoor and outdoor cycling. Two back pockets and two side pockets safely keep essentials.