Wifi smart light bulb blxcknorway™

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Wifi Smart Light Bulb. Check The Details To Know More


App Remote Control - Using the smart life app on your phone or tablet, you can remotely control the on/off of your smart light whether you're at home or on the move. Create several groups to regulate the lighting in your house or set a timetable for your smart bulb. Only works with Wi-Fi networks that operate at 2.4GHz.

Voice Control - Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are both compatible with the smart light bulb. Simply use your voice to turn your light on/off, dim/brighten, and change the color of your light as needed. There's no need for a hub, no need for a subscription, and it's simple to set up.

Timing Function - You can create numerous schedules to switch the lights on and off at pre-determined times. The routine can be followed on a daily or weekly basis.

8 Scene Modes - You can customize eight preset scenarios to your liking, including four-party, reading, sleep, leisure, and other situations, or create a custom scene and let your imagination run wild.

Multi-color & Dimmable - Create your favorite light effects with 16 million colors, immediately change the appearance and ambiance of the area, each color can be matched to your needs, making your room more creative.

Energy Savings - The Led bulb cuts energy usage by up to 85% without sacrificing brightness or quality, saving you money on your electricity bill.

Wifi smart light bulb blxcknorway™

Wifi smart light bulb blxcknorway™