2 in 1 dog cat comb shedding brush

Our 2 in 1 dog cat comb shedding brush with grooming comb and de-shedding brush, purchase one pet brush and get both functions. The comb side may be used to release tangled hair and fluffy matted hair, and the de-shedding brush side can be used to remove up to 95% of dead and floating hair. Round-shaped teeth can swiftly comb the undercoat without harming your pet's skin.
We built the upgraded curved pet comb with all pet forms in mind, and it precisely fits all of your pet's body curvature. When compared to the typical straight grooming brush tool, this one may help dogs feel more at ease while considerably enhancing hair removal effectiveness. It is an excellent present for a beloved buddy or an excellent addition to any pet grooming equipment.
The comb points of the 2-in-1 dog & cat grooming brush have been meticulously hand-polished. It is really safe to use. It will softly and efficiently remove floating and dead hair from your pet's skin without harming or irritating it. By increasing blood circulation and leaving the coat silky and lustrous, your pet will not only look wonderful but will also feel terrific. A brush with a varied number of teeth on each side can be employed in a variety of situations.

This cat and dog brush's ergonomic, comfort-grip handle is not only sturdy but also built for long-term comfort. This dog & cat shedding comb has an anti-slip, soft-textured handle for a pleasant, secure grip that prevents hand and wrist discomfort. It is also extremely easy to store, so you may hang it anyplace after using it.
It is appropriate for a wide range of hair types, including thick, medium, and long hair. This 2-in-1 brush is suitable for Golden Retrievers, Alaskans, Samoyeds, Shiba Inus, Garfields, Ragdolls, Maine Coons, American Shorthairs, Rabbits, Chinchillas, and many other media and long hair pets. Not only can it be used safely for grooming/de-shedding, but it can also offer massage, helping your pet appreciate being brushed.
  • ✔️Suitable for many kinds of pets
  • ✔️Comfortable handle for you
  • ✔️Rounded blade & safe to use
  • ✔️Skin-friendly massage comb
  • ✔️Double-sided head
  • ✔️Comfort-grip handle
  • ✔️Increasing blood circulation
  • ✔️Improving the efficiency
  • ✔️More comfortable
  • ✔️De-shedding brush
  • ✔️Get both functions