Winter Wearable sleeping bag

Our winter sleeping bag has a humanoid sleeping bag leg that is built after the inverted anatomy of the human foot. The fingertip opening design allows the hand to take up the object more easily, the tiptoe can be opened, the air can be pushed open when it is hot, and there is no binding. We cordially encourage you and your children to experience the warmth, comfort, and practical usefulness of this revolutionary and entertaining sleepwear system!
Provides optimum comfort and warmth, even in harsh situations, and a sleeping bag with a double zipper that can function both inside and outside is more practical and easy. This sleeping bag's air cotton filling and polyester lining make it soft, warm, comfy, and long-lasting. For temperatures ranging from -5°C to 5°C.
The tethered design is simple to use and improves windproofing by reducing the convection of cold air from outside, allowing the sleeping bag to stay warm. Portable packing simply flattens it and folds it up properly before stuffing it into a sleeping bag. It makes it easier to get in and out, and it comes with a handy carry pouch for compact transportation.
Sleeping bags have literally thousands of applications, from indoors to outdoors. Stay cozy, toasty, and mobile on camping excursions, sleepovers, hiking, at-home work, road travels, RV, beach evenings, family visits, star gazing, hammock, and even lazing at home! Hollow cotton, is waterproof and windproof, making this sleeping bag soft, warm, comfy, and long-lasting.

This will assist in immediately boosting the temperature in the sleeping bag and the comfort of sleep. The sleeping bag is extremely easy to roll into the compression sack, great for your journey or sleepover night; when it becomes soiled, wash it in the washing machine and dry flat. Ideal for outdoor camping, sleepovers, family visits, and other occasions where there aren't enough beds. Ideal for both men and women.
  • ✔️Complete freedom
  • ✔️Wearable & cozy
  • ✔️Comfortable & durable
  • ✔️As warm as mother's lap
  • ✔️Easy to carry and maintain
  • ✔️Weatherproof design
  • ✔️Warmth anywhere
  • ✔️Polyester fiber material
  • ✔️Separating zippers
  • ✔️Comfortable temperature
  • ✔️Multifunctional
  • ✔️User-friendly design
  • ✔️Weatherproof design
  • ✔️Humanoid design
  • ✔️High-quality material

 Size Details:
Size: L, Length: 200cm/78.74", Recommended Height: 160-180cm/62.99"-70.87"(Approx.)

Size: XL, Length: 210cm/82.68", Recommended Height: 170-190cm/66.93"-74.8" (Approx.)