Wireless bike computer blxck norway™

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Wireless Bike Computer. Check The Details To Know More

Multifunctional Bike Computer - With a number of useful features, our bicycle computer can measure your average speed, highest speed, driving distance, riding duration, and predicted arrival time, among other things. may also serve your various riding demands by displaying the time, temperature, calories, and an automated wake-up feature. With the aid of these cycling computers, you may get fit scientifically and have fun while riding.

Backlight Design - The LCD display screen's backlight is black, creating a display effect with white characters against a background of black, with no reflected blind spots during the daytime. When you press the right button once, the LED light will turn on for 6 seconds; keep pressing the right button for more than 3 seconds to activate the long-on mode of the LED light. You can simply read the statistics day or night.

Wireless Waterproof Bike Speedometer - The cables on the handlebars failing in the rain due to corrosion is no longer a concern thanks to the wireless waterproof construction of the bike speedometer. It satisfies the waterproof requirements for regular outdoor riding since it is readily shielded from strong rain, and splashing water, and also allows the cycling odometer to be entirely submerged in water (Pay attention to the fit of the handle and the bracket to avoid excessive bending of the bracket which could lead to breakage).

Low Power & Automatic Systems - The transmitter and computer on the bicycle both feature a built-in, replaceable battery, steady operation, and strong interference immunity. The device will enter sleep mode if no input is received for five minutes. Within two hours of the computer going to sleep, you can wake it up in the sleep state by pushing no buttons for ten seconds; after two hours, you can wake it up in one minute.

Easy to Install & Use - Installing and using the rack is simple thanks to the included bike computer mount base, nut, three zip ties, and rubber sticker. The rack is also the ideal fixed transmitter (the distance between transmitter and bike computer should not exceed 60 cm, and the distance between transmitter and magnet should not exceed 3 mm). Suitable for the majority of bicycle styles, including folding, road, and mountain bikes. Include instructions to facilitate installation.

Wireless bike computer blxck norway™

Wireless bike computer blxck norway™