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Professional Bluetooth Mic For Android iPhone IOS. Check The Details To Know More

Plug & Play - The unique wireless lavalier microphone is more special and convenient because it is plug and play. There is no need for an adapter, an additional app, or Bluetooth. Simply plug the receiver into the Lightning port on your iOS device and turn on the microphone. Get ready to have a good time! (Sync & Auto-Connected)

Get Rid of Cluttered Cables - Designed for TikTok, Vloggers, Bloggers, YouTubers, Interviewers, and other video recording enthusiasts. Say goodbye to tangled connections and insufficient noise cancellation, and start vlogging wherever and whenever you choose.

Auto-Sync Real-Time & Superior Noise Cancellation - Using real-time auto-sync technology, which drastically reduces video post-editing and gives you and your viewers a better video viewing experience. Enjoy clever noise reduction technology, excellent recognition of the original sound, and clear recording in noisy environments with this omnidirectional wireless microphone with professional-grade noise reduction chips.

Universal Wireless System - 360° omnidirectional radio, high-density anti-spray sponge, and high-sensitivity microphone make up the Universal Wireless System. Simple to attach and cover 65 feet for signal, with a 0.009 second delay in transmission, it helps you save power and clearly record or take video from a greater distance.