UHF wireless microphone blxck norway™

UHF Wireless Microphone. Check The Details To Know More

Premium Sound Quality - This mic captures sound properly and offers a clear, pure, and rich sound thanks to its sophisticated chip and cardioid dynamic capsule. It's perfect for karaoke, parties, churches, weddings, speeches, conferences, classes, and outdoor events.

Consistent Signal Transmission - With a 200-foot operating range and stable signal transmission, two UHF wireless microphones allow you a lot of flexibility of movement.


This dual-channel wireless microphone system also includes 15 customizable frequency options for each microphone, allowing for the simultaneous usage of 15 sets of microphones.

Easy to Use - When the wireless microphones and receiver are turned on, they instantly connect. For karaoke nights, use the included one 1/4"(6.35mm) audio output jack and two XLR output jacks to connect the receiver to your mixer, amplifier, or other PA systems. Note: This product is not suitable for laptops, phones, or tablets.

Sturdy & Long-Lasting - The steel mesh grille on this wireless microphone set is particularly resistant to damage and corrosion. Professional receiver featuring a channel and frequency number LED light-up display, as well as individual volume controls for each microphone for accurate speech balancing.