Leather orthopedic women slip on shoes vintage sandals

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Leather Orthopedic Women Slip On Shoes Vintage Sandals. Check The Details To Know More

Vintage, Elegant Design - Our Leather Vintage Sandals have a vintage, elegant design that supports your feet with 3 Arch Advantage Design, a soft and smooth sole, memory foam, and sturdy uppers so you can wear them out for a night on the town. The six-petal rosette embroidered on the top is ideal for your casual clothing. Wear it to the beach or to a laid-back supper.

High-Quality Finished - Made of soft and carefully selected material, these sandals will provide a gentle touch to your feet while also providing a luxury sensation. Each product must meet the highest quality standards before being delivered to the consumer, thanks to a high-standard manufacturing procedure. Each detail is completed with care and delicacy. The shoes will be significantly more durable thanks to the robust seams and tight stitches.

Insoles with Memory Foam - The sole with memory foam is the most essential innovation used in this pair of sandals. The memory foam molds to your foot and adapts to fit and comfort on all types of feet. As a result, your body's weight is distributed more evenly, resulting in improved posture and alignment.

Anti-Slip & Relaxing To Wear - These Sandals are very lightweight and pleasant to wear, with soft and smooth soles and sturdy anti-slippery rubber. They're perfect for a night out on the town. Fixing the foundation of your entire body: your feet, will save you time, money, and your health from joint and muscle pain. You can go through life pain-free and in top physical shape.

3-Arch Support - Our team of podiatrists and orthopedists created the Leather Women Slip-On Shoes with one purpose in mind: to provide improved stability and balance, which can improve walking and standing comfort by balancing your feet at the proper angle to realign skeletal placement.

Size CM Heel to Toe
34 22
35 22.5
36 23
37 23.5
38 24
39 24.5
40 25
41 25.5
42 26
43 26.5
44 27
45 27.5
46 28


Size IN Heel to Toe
34 8.66
35 8.86
36 9.06
37 9.25
38 9.45
39 9.65
40 9.84
41 10.04
42 10.24
43 10.43
44 10.63
45 10.83
46 11.02
Leather orthopedic women slip on shoes vintage sandals

Leather orthopedic women slip on shoes vintage sandals