Women's rex rabbit fur scarf blxck norway™

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Women's Rex Rabbit Fur Scarf. Check The Details To Know More

Women's Winter Scarf - We used real rex rabbit fur in our women's winter scarf. Allow yourself to be pampered by nature's most sumptuous fur and its velvety smoothness. This fur scarf may simply adapt to your personal style and make you stand out in a crowd.

Keep Warm - When the weather turns chilly, this scarf is the ideal winter companion. This fur shawl is a visual and tactile work of art that will keep you warm and comfortable this winter.

Scenes - Effectively combat frost in the winter, while also keeping you warm and looking smart. When used with down jackets and coats, you will look fashionable at home, at work, while shopping, and while traveling.

Great Gift Idea - This item is appropriate for both men and women. Slip into the soft warmth and beauty of our real rabbit fur black scarves with their unique spiral knit design. As a birthday or Christmas gift, you can choose for yourself, your sweetheart, your family, or your friends.

Condition of Fur Hair Shedding - Hair is shedding slightly. When you receive the fur scarf, blow it with hot air or shake it to fluff it up.

Women's rex rabbit fur scarf blxck norway™

Women's rex rabbit fur scarf blxck norway™