Women's warm half finger plush gloves cute bear cat dog paw gloves

Our women's warm half-finger plush gloves and cute bear cat dog paw gloves have a thoughtful fingerless design that allows you to operate your cell phone, text, type, touch the screen, and so on indoors and outdoors in winter, allowing you to enjoy a variety of activities in the winter; Just the right amount of elasticity makes it fit your hand tightly, not easy to loosen or fall off, and not easy to let the wind into your hand.
The fingerless faux fur plush gloves are made of faux fur and soft and warm lining, are soft and comfortable to touch, warm and lightweight to wear, have nice workmanship and fine stitching, bright and vivid black colour, are not easily damaged, are easy to clean, and are a reliable material that will last for a long time. A wonderful Christmas present for yourself or friends.
The size of the fake fur plush mittens is around 8.26 x 3.93 x 0.98 inches, the right size suits most women's, ladies, and girls' hands while providing protection and warmth to your wrists, is simple to transport and store, and takes up little space. The half-finger design is simple to put on and take off, as well as comfortable for your hands to touch.
These adorable cat paw costume gloves are appropriate for a range of fall and winter activities, including role-playing, stage productions, parties, Halloween and Christmas, outdoor hiking, bicycling, jogging, and so on. Made of soft, fluffy material that is skin-friendly, lightweight, and easy to wear.
Cartoon claw splicing and exquisite stitching provide the appearance of a lovely cat, dog, or bear claw, are entertaining, and can also keep your hands warm. Plain gloves may be worn with any outfit, used to warm hands in cold weather, or as fancy dress or stage performance clothing accessories for Halloween, Christmas, cosplay, and other events.
  • 🐾Multipurpose handwear
  • 🐾Short half-finger gloves
  • 🐾Warm winter thick plush mittens
  • 🐾Cute Cartoon cat/ dog/bear claw gloves
  • 🐾Diverse applications
  • 🐾Fingerless design
  • 🐾Soft, fluffy material
  • 🐾Universal fit
  • 🐾skin-friendly, lightweight
  • 🐾Warm and comfortable material