4K HD WiFi Mini Drone Camera BLXCK NORWAY™

Capturing special moments and event is the best way to live that moment again. You can now shoot all your special moments with this 4K HD Wi-Fi Mini Drone Camera. It allows you to capture 4k ultra HD videos and HDR photos from various angles, especially from high angles. This device is very convenient and easy to use. You can also turn on the beauty mode for more beautiful pictures and select from various filters.
It has a very unique and smart design that will give a great first impression. It is very light in weight and you can easily operate without any hassle. You can carry this in your bag while going on a camping or an adventurous trip as it is portable and small in size. You can also use this drone anytime as it works effectively during the night due to the presence of light. It will illuminate the way ahead without any difficulties. It will also make sure that you never lose your drone even in the dark night.
To fly the drone, all you need to do is press the one key button which has different commands such as landing, take-off, etc. If you are new to using drones, then you should definitely start with this one as it has a headless mode along with a 360-degree rotation. You can also adjust the speed of this drone with the help of a speed adjustment function which will ensure the safety of your device. It has a unique foldable design and contains a 3.7V 650mah lithium battery to give the longest flying time.
This innovative drone is made up of ABS material of a superior quality that will last longer and will give you a power pack performance. You don’t have to worry anymore about the sudden fall or shock of your drone. It also has a Protective propeller guard which will make sure that the drone is flying in the given path or flight. It will capture a clear photo with high-resolution videos. It also has a gesture control feature that will allow you to take handless selfies by showing the palm of your hand for the photos and V- sign for the videos.